'CHRISTINE'                                               'Kansas Style' rock, progressive rock.

Song is about a woman who leaves a mean man and escapes with a good man, but is haunted by the old one attempting to track her down. Video link click here: 

"Bridge Across Forever":

Style: Rock/Pop Rock/Multi-genre

A song about being with the wrong person, but not giving up hope.

"Baby don't you look at me":

Style: Multi-genre/progressive rock.

About a woman who finally breaks free from a bad relationship.

"Do you remember?":

Style: Rock/Alternative

Song about suicide and pleads for someone to open their eyes for all that life has to offer. Click here for video. 

"Even Diamonds Turn to Dust":

Style:Rock/Progressive/Easy Listening.

Song about how losing someone you love can hurt and that even the best things sometimes turn to dust. Click for video.


Style: Country/Pop

Song about an old flame that a trucker had and see's again after some 30yrs. 

"I Can't Forget":

Style: Easy Listening-Ballad

About a love that once was but not forgotten ( guest vocalist Cathy Leigh)

"I'd Give My Whole World For You":


A song of loving someone who after years lost the love they had.

"Gone Are The Times"

Style: Haunting Ballad

Song about a love that is here to last forever.


Style: Ballad

A song about a 14yr girl that died as a result of Leukemia. Click here for video


Style: Yes-ish, from a by gone era. It's guaranteed to take you back to the days of 'art-rock' bands.

Song about there being a 'time and place' for everything. Video -

"Stop Walking Away":

Style: Rock/Proggressive Rock (a Kansasy type tune.)

Song about trying to open up someones eyes that they really do have a good thing

"The Last Goodbye":

Style:Multi Genre-Fantasy

About being with that special person forever. Click here to view video. 

"The Way To My Heart":

Style: Rock/Pop Rock/Multi Genre

Song about letting someone know that they shouldn't give up on you.

"You Knew Me":

Style: Pop Rock/Country(similar to the pop songs of the 60's and 70's.)

Song about falling in love with that special someone.

"Out of the Blue":

Style: 70's pop/Rock

Song about a local 70's band that was on it's way to stardom but out of the blue encountered a tragic incident which completely changed their goal and dreams.

 To view the video click here: 

Copyright © starcinaproductions.com

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"It's Taking Me Time":

Style: 70's progressive Rock

Song about how it's taking time to 

appreciate someone that's been there all the time but was never appreciated. Click here for video:

(click only 1 at a time to listen)


'Reflections of the Past' is a hard rock song with elements of progressive rock, written about an 'Armageddon' in the future. One person is having trouble leaving the area that is devastated while the other try's to persuade them that there's nothing left to stay here for and time to find a safe area. Written as a soundtrack, like many of Starcina Productions songs, it breaks away from standard song formula's and features 'ripping' keyboard and guitar soloing/battles backed by super tight drums and bass guitar.

 'Comin Home' is a song about just that.. 'Coming Home' to good friends, good times and memory's of youth and someone special!. Written as a soundtrack, it brings back the era of 'art-rock' progressive bands in an in-depth musical intro with great keyboards ( organ/synth ) and guitars but becomes a driving straight ahead high energy 'classic' rock era song with a solid driving drums and bass guitar yet retains a faint 'progressive rock' touch with beautiful mysterious' backing piano such as reminiscent of The Doors. 

        ‘Always on the Run'
A song about the Founders of 'Starcina Productions' who are still
'doing it' ( performing live ) while running their 'Sound for Film' company and dealing with each day as it comes. This song is like a 'blast from the past' with nuances of 'the Doobie Brothers', 'Bachman Turner, Overdrive' and contains elements from various music-genres from classic rock, to mild
progressive rock with our own 'signature' 'live sound' of 'musical layers' featuring some hot backing guitars and even hotter keyboards from Nick Stargu Sr. and all
now 'anchored' by our great new drummer and percussion manager, Tom Traygis who has come on board recently and elevated all of our newest material to a whole new level..

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On The Outside' is about someone who is being stalked by a crazy person. But the stalkee 'hsd a key, to the insanity of that persons mind- they're one of a kind' meaning the crazy stalker is dealing with someone as crazy as them- and they're both 'On The Outside' of normality. They are in fact, 'one of a kind'.. or the same insane person in different bodies..

'When The Clouds Come" is about someone who is holding in so much pain or grief and someone who cares about them telling them to 'go ahead and let it all out'.. Clouds usually bring rain- the meaning being 'tears'. Also, the caring person is telling them I'll hold you forever because they care, and they want to see the persons dreams of happiness come true. 

Forgotten' is quite simply about our existence in this life ending. But, the next life.. being 'reborn Spiritually' and.. in a place where their is eternal life with no more suffering. Right after hearing of the passing of yet another great talent, former front person singer/musician 'Carl 'CC' Hunter', a close friend and former band-mate of Nick Stargu Sr; Starcina Productions Producer 'Steve Sossin' woke up in the middle of the night with the 'Forgotten' lyrics in his head. The following morning, Steve arranged the music and not long afterwards, worked closely with Starcina Productions 'Co-Founder' Nick Stargu Sr. for a final musical arrangement, recording Nick's beautifully sensitive piano and strings before forwarding the song to Starcina Productions drummer, Tom Traygis who arranged and recorded all percussion to this very special song. Steve, who is in congestive heart failure has felt keenly, the loss of all the talented musicians/singers and performers before him, and in the song 'Forgotten' is expressed Steve's sadness in the reality that eventually... we are all indeed forgotten.


Steve Sossin-Guitar and vocals/engineer and production, Nick Stargu Sr., keyboards and vocals. Drummer Tom Traygis at his first session in late January 2017 rehearsing to new original song, 'Nicole'
 Nicole has elements of Progressive and classic rock from a time when such music was more common. Yes, we think 'that sound' can come back rather than a lot of music that's been coming out for years... that no longer has as Steve puts it. 'the REAL thing'...
Steve wants people to know that those are REAL keyboard solo's Nick is playing- not using arpeggiators like often used. A solid B-3 organ sound that's kicking butt in the back-ground while guitar is doing complex harmonies/timing during the intro. The end of 'Nicole', which lasts a good 90 seconds- is intended for a 'soundtrack' & includes various battles between guitars and keyboards which reach several musical climax's- all held together in solid 'anchor' fashion by our newest member, Tom Traygis on drums! Note that at 4:36 of song, The Bass guitar and Nick play a 'lightening fast' lick together, that is simply flawless! We credit 'John Mengual' in Spirit for bass guitar. Stay tuned... even greater things to come! Recorded on a Tascam 2488 Neoo.


A blend of classic & progressive rock- a bit similar to Phil Collins, with elements of various other rock genre's and features some subtle ( at times ) but spectacular keyboards & guitar.

Written by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu & Tom Traygis
Produced by: Steve Sossin for 'Starcina Productions'
Music Arrangement by" Nick Stargu Sr. & Steve Sossin
Percussion arranged by: Tom Traygis
Nick Stargu Sr. plays: B-3 Organ, Grand Piano,
Solo Violin and Orchestral Strings.
Tom Traygis plays: Drums and all additional percussion.
Steve Sossin plays: All Guitars.
Bass Guitar by: John Mengual ( in Spirit.. We don't forget )
Performed by: Steve Sossin
Vocals: Steve Sossin

Sweet LeaLya

A 'crossover' rock/melodic rock/pop country song about a special girl.

‘Sweet LeaLya’ Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.
A ‘Starcina Productions’ Creation

Written by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu Sr. & Tom Traygis
Produced & engineered by: Steve Sossin for Starcina Productions.
Arranged by: Nick Stargu Sr., Tom Traygis & Steve Sossin
Grand Piano & Violin by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums, Triangles & Tambourine by: Tom Traygis
Guitars by: Steve Sossin
Bass Arrangement: John Mengual ( in Spirit )
Performed by: Steve Sossin
Lyrics/Vocals: Steve Sossin

Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Melodic Rock & Country



Along the lines of the Classic, 'Still Got the Blues' by Gary Moore yet unique.

Written by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Arranged by Nick Stargu Sr.
Additional arrangement: Steve Sossin and Tom Traygis
Piano/organ/violin & Vocals: Nick Stargu Sr.
Guitar arrangements: Nick Stargu Sr. & Steve Sossin
1st guitar solo ( slide ) by Nick Stargu Sr.
Intro and end harmony guitar solo's by Steve Sossin
Percussion arranged and performed by: Tom Traygis
Bass Guitar arrangement: John Mengual
Performed by Steve Sossin


A melodic mix of Progressive/Classic rock with the 'unique' sound of the Studio Band 'Starcina'..

Written by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu & Tom Traygis
Arranged by: Nick, Tom & Steve
Produced by: Steve for 'Starcina' ( Starcina Productions )
Lyrics by: Steve
Hammond B-3, Synth & Violin by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums & additional percussion effects by: Tom Traygis
Guitars: Steve Sossin
Bass Guitar: John Mengual ( in Spirit, we don't forget )
performed by: Steve

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You Slipped Right Through My Hands

 A song about letting someone that you really cared about slip away or 'right through your hands' 

Written by Nick Stargu Sr.

Arranged by Nick Stargu Sr.

Additional arrangements: Steve Sossin, guitar, drums, vocals.

Piano, organ, violin: Nick Stargu Sr.

Bass guitar arrangement: John Mengual ( in spirit) performed by Steve Sossin