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StarCina Productions is a music production company that has access to various talented and highly experienced musicians who love music and are inspired enough to devote their talents and energies to working on movie or TV soundtracks or on a song for an individual or agency that is looking for a particular sound and finished product.

Our co-founder, Nancy Trecina and I.. have always dreamed of just writing songs for a living and over the past several years.. that dream has turned to fruition.

Currently we are working in a very intimate studio set up in association with  'Ferret House Studio's' in Manchester, CT with future plans for a larger facility to enable us to work on several projects at the same time.

One of our many strong points is our friend and fellow musician, Steve Sossin, whose ability to be able to write music, lyrics and harmonies out of thin air is simply extraordinary... He is the studio drummer on most of the tracks and the bassist, with a little Spiritual help from a deeply missed bassist and old friend, John Mengual, who passed away in 1973..

John's spirit is still with us and has spiritually assisted Steve in almost every song creating bass lines that REALLY sounds like what John would've played.. 'The bass lines always come out in the recording as 'better' than I remember playing- and without the 'pick' sound I use', explains Steve.

Steve attributes this to being a Native American- very in-tune with life and spirits and energies that surround us all.

To certain segments of the music industry, Steve is a renowned Music Producer, song writer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist with many more outstanding qualities besides just being a real down to earth caring kind of guy! 


Starcina Productions wishes to welcome drummer ‘Tom Traygis’ who came on board
in January 2017. A short synopsis of Tom’s Bio….
Tom Traygis, Drummer/percussionist
By his own description, Tom’s ‘root’s of musical awareness’ began in the days of the great rock & roll/Motown era of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.
Tom never limited himself to any lone genre or musical period in time. Solidly based in traditions of R&R, Soul/Funk, Tom studied with teachers of various backgrounds- including Jazz, Classical,
Latin and even African Djembe drumming. Striving to be a more advanced ‘musical drummer’ Tom has taken time over the years to study ‘Harmony & Theory’ at Manchester Community College as well as piano/guitar at Hartford Conservatory- Alma Matter to many renowned musicians, singers and composers and performers.
Tom’s live performance and recording past includes stints with regional acts out Of New England such as ‘Odyssey’, ‘Pinnatus’, ‘Vector Field’, and ‘Holding Pattern.’ Tom has recorded at various Recording facilities such as, ‘Trod Nossel’, ‘Sound Cellar’, Amphion and in various private Project studio’s.

Tom’s association with our Producer/Engineer Steve Sossin goes back to the early 70’s when
performing in various projects together- both earned a long-lasting respect for each other. Steve approached Tom at various junctures in Tom’s life, and in September 2016, Tom assessed the potential to work together again not only with Steve, but Founders ‘Nick Stargu Sr.’ and long time partner and Singer ‘Nancy Trecina’ due to the potential for future musical endeavors in the creation of virtually all genre’s of music including conceptual idea’s. Tom has expressed his wish that you- the listener, and potential customers realize the shared ‘love of the creative process’ everyone at ‘Starcina Productions’ share in creating nothing less than memorable and lasting musical product! Welcome Tom!