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Starcina Productions -   Our Story....

STARCINA PRODUCTIONS had it's inception over the last few years.

Then in 2014, Singer/Songwriter, Master Keyboardist/Performer Nick Stargu Sr. met with a long time fan and retired Music Producer who had been following Nick's performing career since 1971, when Nick was Keyboardist/Vocalist for the well known regional band 'SURPRISE' which had garnished a reputation as a 'crowd-pleaser' sometimes getting better reviews than famous opening acts!

This same 'fan' continued to follow Nick's career for some years as Nick performed in other top regional acts such as the bands 'CANYON' and 'OREO' among others.

All of these groups were known for covering all the great bands of the era- as well as writing/performing and recording some great original music-  the early band 'SURPRISE' having recorded at 'THE RECORD PLANT' with the legendary Producer/Engineer Dennis Ferrante ( John Lennon's 'IMAGINE' ) and in fact were working with Dennis while John Lennon and Yoko Ono were there working simultaneously!

So in 2014, and still a very big 'fan' of Nick's music-the retired Music Producer/fan made contact with Nick through 'LinkedIn' the social media site for business.

The two met for what could be the 'record' for the 'longest lunch in history' during which poor Nick was virtually pummeled with hundreds of questions.

The end of this meeting had the two agreeing to get together the following month of September, 2014 ( along with Nick's long-time performing partner and singer, Nancy Trecina ) for an impromptu recording session to ascertain the viability of working together.

That session 'went fantastic' and the long time 'fan' came out of 'musical retirement' to join forces with 'Nick & Nancy's' STARCINA PRODUCTIONS, which is from the first part of Nick's last name and the second part of Nancy's last name, and the rest is history!

They agreed to create 'Sound-tracks for Film' which was Nick's vision of the newly formed entity, as well as delving into all styles/genre's of music to create potential 'hit's' for performing Artists and Groups, 'End-Credit' soundtrack songs and a little bit of everything in between!

We work incredibly fast, often writing, arranging and recording a completed piece within one to three hours! This derives from a combined 175+ years of experience in all facets of music!

We record all instruments/vocals in analog format for that 'warmth & realism' while mixing/mastering and archiving to the digital realm.. We offer efficiency and quality on any budget! How can we help you?


Contact Info: StarCinaProductions@yahoo.com

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  • Click here to hear our 2nd CD, "Endings' In 3 weeks it's been continuing to climb up the charts even hitting #1 in their blues/rock category for 'Shadow in Time'.